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How To Change The Background Color In Photoshop Fast & Easy!

The Size bar below will adjust the zigzag stroke, to help you not delineate other pixels. If you want to go back to the operations, click on the arrow icons to rotate above. In this blog post, I will be going over the four apps that I use for Picsart every day designing, and the reason each app is important. Duplicate the new layer until you are satisfied or you reach the layer limit.

All Facebook Live videos get shown on the Facebook Live Map, so the more viewers on your livestream the higher you’ll show up on the feed. The easiest way to increase Facebook followers is by inviting people to like your page. Once you start creating ads for your store, Facebook will occasionally send you notifications asking you to invite people to like your page. I found that typically if I ran engagement ads, I’d get a higher number of people that I could invite to like the page. However, even though I manually invited people, I eventually got temporarily blocked by Facebook. So you need to pace the number of people you invite at a time.

Why Use MEmu For PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor

For instance, the white wall behind our product might look too dull. So we might want to change the background color to something more appealing for social media. Not only that you’ll also learn how to convert pixels a simple way if you don’t have Photoshop.

  • Now, hit the export button from the next screen which is available at the right top corner again.
  • Name this layer RS_4, change its blending mode to Color Burn, drop its Opacity to 20%, and drag it under the RS_3 layer to keep the proper layer order.
  • The author simply used that beautiful woman to emphasize his tutorial, as he said many times throughout.

PicsArt has a lot of options if you would like to add stickers on your text. For example, if you type “Water” in the search bar then you will find a lot of water stickers. Read the about the following tools for more information regarding this. This app also has an illustrative tool; from which you can design your stickers or make a new one altogether. You can even save it as a lock screen or wallpaper of your device.

Step 8: Scale The Size Of The Gradient

The premium version of Pixlr can help push your creative boundaries and explore easy-to-use templates, elements, and fonts. The premium package offers a 30-day free trial, is ad-free, and allows you to cancel at any time. Their fusion library is made of a curated list of features for free download and these filters are added every Saturday.

Step 7: Add Our Extracted Photo

Then click on the clip that you want to color match. With PowerDirector Essential, you can color correct like a pro with the Fix and Enhance tools. Alternatively, ask for opaque lenses that can cover darker eyes and dramatically change your eye color. You can also wear eyeshadow to change the look of your eyes.